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Bridal Shoot

November 21, 2009



I love photographer friends!  I think it’s great to be able to learn how other people run their business and how they do things their way and how they exemplify their passion of photography.  I am a part of a wonderful group of photographers and we call ourselves “The Photojays”.  We met at a workshop together, and now we are going to do one thing a month together to make sure we are keepin each other on our toes!

Last week we went Downtown Minneapolis with some ROCKIN’ models! We had so much fun!  Here are my favorite shots! {Enjoy}


[Sidenote]  For any of you who look at these and just get that itch to put your wedding dress back on….this is a GREAT way to do it!  There’s no time crunches, or people in a church waiting for you, and you are not worried about your dress getting dirty before people see it!  Post-wedding bridal shoots are so fun! You can completely “trash the dress” or you don’t even have to get it dirty at all, just put it on again! For those of you interested, let me know!

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