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Sorbel Family

November 30, 2009

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I know I sure enjoyed the weekend with my family!
One of my projects this weekend was to do a little “fall” cleaning out of my room at my parent’s house, which is quite a chore.  I am what you may call a “packrat”.  I keep everything that I think one day may have sentimental value to me.  For instance, every note that was ever written to me, I keep.  Every card, yes, keep that too. If I photographed your wedding this year, I have a program from your wedding in a box sitting next to my desk.  Weird, right?? I don’t know…it’s just something I do.
Anyway, Saturday afternoon after I photographed the Sorbel Family below I was cleaning out a box full of papers and photos and things and ironically came across some things that I had saved from my experiences with this special family:
1st I found a picture of myself, my brother, and Stephanie (the mom of this family) from atleast 10 years ago .  Steph has claimed the title of “the best babysitter ever” in my book.  From Dairy Queen blizzards to making forts in the basement….we had a good time.
2nd I found a cabin picture from Trout Lake Camp from the year Steph was my counselor at Trout.  That was the year I like to say that my 8 or so cabin mates and I  convinced Brandt and Steph that they were meant to be with each other 😉  Really, I think they already knew…
3rd I found the program from Steph & Brandt’s wedding that I attended 5 years ago!
As I was looking through this box really taking in what an incredible memories I had of this couple I realized what a joy it is to grow with people.  Steph had a huge influence on my childhood.  I looked up to her so much.  And now I have the opportunity to take pictures of her growing family.  Sometimes it’s good to look back and reflect.  And apparently, my “packrat-ness” pays off sometimes 🙂

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  1. Phil Larson says:

    Love it! Way to go, Kendra.

  2. Natalie Lepien says:

    Sooooo cute Kendra! Fun stories too. Excited to keep up with your new blog and new work. xoxo

  3. Jenny Bedard says:

    Hey! I know these guys!!! Steph was my danceline coach back in the day! Hi Steph!!!! Adorable kids!!!!! Hope you are well. Great job Kendra!!

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