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Fred + Robert // Minneapolis Engagement

February 5, 2015

I always chat with my clients about making their engagement session really reflect who they are as a couple.  I just love how personal the pictures can feel if we photograph in a place that’s significant or doing something that you both love doing.  Well, Fred + Robert took that and ran with it.  The whole engagement session was in their house and neighborhood.  They are collectors of all things vintage and wonderful.  They have collections of vintage washing machines, dryers, hand mixers, vacuums, and televisions. Their house is so well put together with all of these collections it was so fun to photograph in each room.  Enjoy!!
2015-02-05_0001 2015-02-05_0002 2015-02-05_0003 2015-02-05_0005 2015-02-05_0006
2015-02-05_0007 2015-02-05_0008 2015-02-05_0009 2015-02-05_0010 2015-02-05_0011 2015-02-05_0012 2015-02-05_0013
2015-02-05_0014 2015-02-05_0015 2015-02-05_0016 2015-02-05_0017 2015-02-05_0018 2015-02-05_0019 2015-02-05_0020 2015-02-05_0021 2015-02-05_0022 2015-02-05_0023
2015-02-05_0024 2015-02-05_0025 2015-02-05_0026 2015-02-05_0027 2015-02-05_0028 2015-02-05_0029 2015-02-05_0030 2015-02-05_0031 2015-02-05_0032

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